Literature for Grasses, Sedges, Rushes, Ferns

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Literature for Grasses, Sedges, Rushes, Ferns

Post by Lancashire Lad » Fri May 22, 2015 1:06 pm

NB: Any links to book details are for information only, and confer no allegiance to any specific supplier. Books may be obtained from other suppliers from whom prices and availability may differ.

Colour Identification Guide to the Grasses, Sedges, Rushes, & Ferns of the British Isles and North-western Europe. – by Francis Rose.
First published 1989, 240 pages, Hardback.
25 x 20 x 2.5cm, so not pocketable, but not too large or cumbersome for a bag or rucksack.
Contains detailed descriptions of over 420 species, 62 full page colour plates illustrating 300 species, along with habitat details, distribution, comprehensive keys, and illustrated glossary.
Undoubtedly, THE book to have, for anyone with more than passing interest in the subject. ... -ferns~207

Grasses - A guide to their Structure, Identification, Uses, and Distribution in the British Isles. – by C.E. Hubbard. First published 1954, 3rd revised edition 1984, reprinted 1992.
426 pages, paperback.18 x 11 x 2cm, so very pocketable.
Contains details of over 300 species, with one page of text, and one page of detailed b/w line illustrations per species. Complete with distribution details, habitats, keys, glossary and index by both common and botanical names. ... es+Hubbard

The Fern Guide - A field guide to the ferns, clubmosses, quillworts and horsetails of the British Isles. – by James Merryweather, Michael Hill, and Carol Roberts.
First published 1992, 3rd Edition 2007, 96 pages, softback, 24.5 x 17.5 x 0.8cm.
Contains descriptions, detailed b/w line drawings, 6 pages of colour plates, habitat details, distribution maps, keys, and glossary to all the species and commonly found hybrids likely to be encountered. A very easy to use book, and highly recommended. ... tion).aspx

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Re: Literature for Grasses, Sedges, Rushes, Ferns

Post by Fenwickfield » Sat Nov 07, 2015 7:08 pm

I have three books
1 Collins guide to Grasses,Sedges,Rushes and Ferns over 420 colour plates a good field guide covers Great Britain and Northern Europe
2 Collins guide to Ferns,Mosses and Lichens 655 colour photos good field guide for beginners covers Great Britain and Northern and Central Europe
3 Roger Phillips Grasses,Ferns,Mosses and Lichens of Great Britain and Ireland all colour photo's

I got all mine on Amazon second hand all are good for someone just getting interested in this area.

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Re: Literature for Grasses, Sedges, Rushes, Ferns

Post by awarner » Sun Jan 29, 2017 9:50 pm

I use A Field Guide to Grasses, Sedges and Rushes by Dominic Price.
Not bad as a starting point and appears to be well laid out but can still be fun matching some of the images to samples you are looking at.

This is produced by the species recovery trust and there does not seem to be an ISBN number

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