Exidiopsis calcea - perhaps

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Exidiopsis calcea - perhaps

Post by Steve » Sat Apr 23, 2016 6:09 pm

Found at Longshaw, Peak District on a stick under a large elm, but not necessarily belonging to it as there are other tree species in the vicinity. The crust is very thin, less than 50 um thick, a few sq. cm in area, very tightly attached, hardly changing when soaked in water for several hours, and extremely brittle when bone-dry. This made it difficult to section the fungus. I made squash preparations. I managed to find a few hypobasidia with epibasidia, but there were very few. Also, very few spores were dropped overnight, they are a bit larger (18-23 x 6-9) than those described in Fungi of Switzerland, but I wasn't able to measure an adequate number. They are somewhat variable in shape as shown in FOS. Some extraneous crescent shaped spores were also dropped.
1 Stereo.JPG
Stereo microscope image
2 Stereo x 45.JPG
Stereo microscope image x45
3 spores 200.jpg
Spores dropped x 200
4 Basidium x 1000.jpg
Basidium x 1000, in Congo Red. Stacked image.
5 Squash x 1000.jpg
Squash preparation in Congo Red x 1000
6 Squash x 1000a.jpg
Squash preparation in Congo Red x 1000

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