Please try to include photos to show all parts of the fungus, eg top, stem, and gills.
Note any smells, and associated trees or plants (eg oak, birch). A spore print can be very useful.
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Post by jimmymac2 » Sun Oct 01, 2017 2:55 pm

This Mycena was found growing on the trunk of a Silver Birch tree yesterday in Tilgate Park, Crawley, Sussex. It was growing at about head height. Any ID help would be much appreciated!

Mycena spores unmeasured.jpg
Mycena spores measured.jpg
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Re: Mycena

Post by roy betts » Mon Oct 02, 2017 2:15 pm

If you're going to the trouble of taking images of microscopic features of a Mycena, it is much more important to examine the gill edge and get an image of the cystidia. The shape of the cystidia is much more useful in arriving at an ID.
Many Mycena species have ellipsoid spores and size can vary within one sp. as some can have 2- or 4-spored basidia (eg: filopes with 2-spored basidia has spores 9.2-11.6 x 5.4-5.6µ but from specimens with 4-spored basidia they measure 8-9 x 5.4-5.6µ). If possible mount spores in Meltzers to see if the are amyloid.
Also, while you're looking at the gill, record whether the basidia have 2 or 4 spores (probably best done on a dry mount looking down on the gill face): see my image attached.
Basidia 4 spd.a.jpg
gill showing 4-spored basidia

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