Entoloma workshop reminder

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Entoloma workshop reminder

Post by Steve » Fri Aug 19, 2016 2:11 pm


Details in previous post below.

Here is a message from workshop organiser Rob Foster:

“Entoloma Workshops come up once in a very blue moon. Which is why I felt obliged to run one myself; not because I felt competent to do so, but in the hope of drawing in a few mycologists who had some confidence in putting names to species that we could learn from. In this I have been successful in that Roy Betts from North Somerset has committed to come; Neil Barden who is recognised as the most experienced Waxcap Grassland Expert in the Peak District and a very good grassland field mycologist has also said he will come and; Sean Cooch from Dorset, who does Waxcap Grassland Fungi Workshops for Natural England is also coming.

Presentations, augmenting the forays, will be based on the photographs and photomicrographs of Entolomas already collected and identified from Longshaw by Steve Clements, John Leach and the other members of the Longshaw Fungi and Lichen Survey Group. We will be concentrating on the Leptonia group of Entolomas using keys according produced by Vesterholt who concentrated on field characteristics, using as little microscopy as possible, although we will have a microscope or two available for confirming identifications where necessary.

It should be good - and as I say a rare opportunity - not to be missed.”
Doing Entoloma IDs - better together - a job shared is a job halved

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