Identification in action

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Identification in action

Post by CJohnsonOHBR » Fri Oct 23, 2015 8:43 am

With only one competent field mycologist in the Outer Hebrides, we have been trying to get more of the OHBR biological recorders interested in fungi and teach them some basic identification skills. Waxcaps are a good place to start as we can use a field key to help our team recognise and identify some of the common species. With only a few weeks available each year for field work, less time off for bad weather, progress has been slow. However, when the "penny drops" the rewards are amazing, not only for us but for the novice field mycologists too.
I think the following photographs illustrate this sense of delight and achievement, and demonstrate the essence of OHBR - working together to put dots on the map.


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