Fungi with moss as hosts

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Re: Fungi with moss as hosts

Post by diggleken » Sat Oct 24, 2015 7:27 pm

On macro characters alone that's similar to what I recognise as A retiruga........... ;)

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Re: Fungi with moss as hosts

Post by jimmymac2 » Sat Oct 24, 2015 8:16 pm

Thanks Ken. I'm not sure though now as I think it might be the rarer A.spathulata as it is on a acrocarp and not a pleurocarp.
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Re: Fungi with moss as hosts

Post by Chris Yeates » Thu Oct 29, 2015 11:40 am

jimmymac2 wrote:Are there any fungi which are specialised to have moss as hosts? . . . . .
As well as the bryoparasitic ascomycetes mentioned above, obvious basidio's would be:
* members of the genus Galerina (difficult without specialist literature - the popular books generally feature on a handful of those which occur in this country); people on this site could help - you need details of spore ornamentation (oil!) and of the cystidia on gill edge and stem (handle carefully or these may disappear); also some are two-spored.
* members of the genus Rickenella - with experience these can be done in the field
* then there are odd members of genera like Hypholoma, Tephrocybe etc which have a moss-inhabiting lifestyle.
jimmymac2 wrote:Hi Chris,
Moss ID to species is no problem for me, I've been doing bryology much longer than mycology. . . . .
In that case definitely have a go at the asco's - if you get decent pic's /measurements of spore ornamentation and know the host there are plenty of people on who are very knowledgeable about them and always willing to help. Keep an eye on Orthotrichum affine - look for unhealthy-looking areas and then have a bit of a 'delve' as the fungus occurs on the rhizoids - and you could get the 3rd British record (first in Sussex, this in Yorkshire, so it's presumably all over the place even though only described in 2006!) of Octospora affinis:
Octospora affinis01.jpg
Location of Octospora affinis on low elder branch
Octospora affinis02.jpg
the host moss Orthotrichum affine
Octospora affinis03.jpg
several apothecia
Octospora affinis04.jpg
ascospores - note shape and ornamentation
Octospora affinis05.jpg
ascospores - note ornamentation; spores (14-) 14.5-16.5 (-17) x 12.5-13.5 (-14) µm
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