BLS Virtual Identification Meeting

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Re: BLS Virtual Identification Meeting

Post by ryahr » Tue Sep 01, 2020 3:33 pm

Hi Neil

I'd love to be part of this and see how it goes. I will not be helping with Caloplaca, either, but happy to put in my two pence if needed.

Thanks for floating this good idea!

Neil Sanderson
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Re: BLS Virtual Identification Meeting

Post by Neil Sanderson » Tue Sep 15, 2020 11:24 am

OK, apologies for the silence, life getting in the way.

I think what I could do is a presentation on the Reindeer Mosses and look a likes, and then discuss any problem specimens people have. To this end it would be good to put up pictures/send me pictures of these before hand. I will be away next week so we are looking at early October. I assume an evening session would be best for most people?

Neil Sanderson

Glos lichens
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Re: BLS Virtual Identification Meeting

Post by Glos lichens » Wed Sep 16, 2020 7:56 am

Early October is good for me. It would be great if you would consider the likes of Cladonia rangiformis and even the rather exuberant and branched ochrochlora that you suggested from my Dean collections close enough to the Cladinas to be Reindeer lookalikes. See pics. Excuse handwriting - that was a quick scribble on the packet whilst you were talking me through this and others at the Cober Hill workshop in 2019.

Neil Sanderson
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Re: BLS Virtual Identification Meeting

Post by Neil Sanderson » Wed Sep 16, 2020 11:23 am

Yes, I will include the False Reindeermosses (Cladonia furcata & Cladonia rangiformis), on which squamules can be difficult to see.

All the best

Neil Sanderson

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Re: BLS Virtual Identification Meeting

Post by Judith Allinson » Thu Sep 17, 2020 9:27 pm

Hello everyone

I am very much at "intermediate level". I have met a few of you on BLS meetings

Proposed 4 Session BLS Beginners and Intermediates Zoom Chat and Improvement group.

About a month ago (before I had joined this forum) I sent an email to Rebecca Yahr suggesting we have some zoom meetings - I would be happy to organise four in a row and then see what happens, aimed beginner-intermediate level. (Not absolute beginners .. but one can remain at just post-beginner level for quite a long time...)

I composed a letter to be sent out to All the BLS membership.

She said "That is a good idea. And have you seen what Neil is suggesting.?"

So I joined this forum.

That gave me fascinating reading for an afternoon.... and I still have more posts left to read.

Between us Neil and I have both been too busy to arrange a Zoom call between us so far.

I will just paste my letter to you first, at the end. and see what some of you think.

My idea is to give people encouragement. And the chance to meet up.

I now think we should have two groups -- one based on what you have been suggesting in this forum.
And one that I am suggesting aimed at beginners and giving them practice (but we'd be very happy to have some more expert people in it too)

Comments on how my letter might be more appealing to near beginners' and intermediates would be welcome. (But not a drastic rewriting)

Best wishes
Judith Allinson

My own blog has some lichen posts. Its index needs a little updating


17 Sept 2020
Dear BLS member (especially beginners and intermediates)

Are you interested in taking part in a BLS Zoom Lichen Group to meet weekly for four weeks?

After four weeks we can decide if we stop, or meet fortnightly or monthly or termly. If people only drop in for two or three of the four first meetings, that is fine.

I would like to suggest Tuesday or Thursdays at 7pm, or Wednesdays at 10am

I would host the first two meetings. After that we can see of someone else would like to, or if I continue. If you are interested in taking part please contact me on and say which evening (Tuesday or Thursday) or 10am or other day time on a Wednesday is best.

The benefits of taking part include:
1.The chance to talk about lichens with other people. The more you use the long words, the easier it gets
2.The incentive to learn about a species by preparing a mini-talk (3-6 minutes) on that species
3.The chance to bring digital pictures of specimens you do not know about and maybe get them identified.
4.The chance to learn tips and have questions answered
5.The chance of a good evening and to meet other BLS members - but you have to provide your own beer / fruit juice.

The proposed structure of the meeting is given lower down.

If you are interested or have questions please contact me on or 01729 822138
And say which of these three times you are able to use (and give alternatives if you wish) Tuesdays 7pm: Thursdays 7pm Wednesdays 10am

If you are not experienced in using Zoom I would be happy to spend half an hour with you showing you how to use it.

Best wishes
Judith Allinson


Programme for the BLS Lichen Chat and Improvement Group for Beginners and Intermediates

1 7pm: Introductions and Chat.
2 7:15pm Discussion: on a topic: e.g.”How do you promote lichenology locally?”
3 7.30pm - 8pm Minitalks:
Four people give mini talks on 1 species each. (I can prepare a rota)
Even absolute beginners can do this - Find a picture on the internet or use a photo you have taken, and prepare a short talk, if necessary just using material straight from Dobson.
This is also a good exercise in practising using Zoom. - We are all going to be needing to learn how to improve our Zoom presentation skills- treat it as a learning exercise. I can show people how to “Share Screen” and show their pictures if they do not know how.
Or you could share tips on photography.
This way, those four people will have learned something because they will have had to prepare their talk. The rest of us will get ideas about those species, and how we can improve our own talks another week. (You don’t HAVE to give a talk)
4 8pm: 10 min break
5 8:10pm: Photos: People show photos of lichens they have found during the week/year. (Using the Screen share facility on Zoom) They can ask for help. If no-one knows, we keep the pictures ready to ask an expert. If there are a lot of people we may have to limit to one or two photos each.
6 8.40pm. Continue with the original discussion / Discuss what we do next week.
7 9pm: Finish


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