Cladonia ramulosa?

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Cladonia ramulosa?

Post by Steve » Thu Mar 24, 2016 9:29 am

Found on wood at Longshaw Estate, Peak District, 3/3/16

Identification attempted using Frank Dobson’s book (new edition).
Colour: yellowish rather than blue-grey
Soredia: all of podetia finely sorediate or finely squamulose
Podetia surface texture : as above
Podetia branching: very scarce
Cups: just one small cup of C. fimbriata (wine-glass) shape
Basal squamules: matted, up to 2 mm, incised, white below, not curling
Apothecia: few, largish, translucent pale brown
Split along podetia : not seen
K -ve
K+C -ve
Based on the largish, pale brown, rather translucent apothecia I keyed this out as possible Cladonia ramulosa.
Cladonia ramulosa.jpg
Stacked image

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