Cladonia furcata?

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Cladonia furcata?

Post by Steve » Thu Mar 24, 2016 12:23 pm

Found on pine log, Longshaw Estate, 3/3/16
Identified from Frank Dobson’s book
Colour: olive green, with some “giraffe”-like patterning
Sorediate: no
Podetia texture: smooth, with a few squamules at the base
Podetia branching: mostly dichotomous, a few x3
Cups: none present
Basal squamules: up to 5mm, few
Apothecia: none seen
Longitudinal split in podetia: not seen
Holes in axils: not obvious
K negative
K+C negative

This lichen was as is frequently the case, mixed up with other species such as C. coniocraea, so needed care to separate. There are few big colonies of Cladonia at Longshaw – frequently they are small in size, rather stunted and intermixed.
I thought it was most likely Cladonia furcata on the dark green colour (C. rangiformis is much brighter and more “giraffe” patterned), and on the general dichotomous branching.
Cladonia furcata.jpg
Stacked image

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