Help with this please.

Corticoids, Crusts, Brackets, and any non-mushroom like fungi growing on wood
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Help with this please.

Post by mushroom mike » Sun Sep 18, 2016 1:54 pm

This bracket was found by a friend on Crataegus . Details below:

1. Basidiocarp sessile, woody, Orangey, 30mm x 20mm ( larger specimen 70mm x 30mm but whiter )Lumpy , white band near margin. Hoof like on Crataegus in small wooded area.Turning a darker brown with K.O.H.
2. Context : Tan 4mm wide
3. Tubes : brown, 3mm long
4. Pores : white, isodiometric round, 4 per mm.
5. Spores : Ellipsoid, potato like, with germ pore/oil droplet, 15.5 x 8.1.
6. Smell : Fruity strong.

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2016-09-18_0001_100X.jpg unknown Skrinjkle bracket.jpg
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