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Is this Rigidioporus ulmaris please

Posted: Thu Jul 19, 2018 5:47 pm
by mushroom mike
Hello, I wonder if anyone can help to identify this please. The tubes are a light brown colour so I dismissed Perenniporia fraxinea. Thanks in advance. Details below:

1. Trackside at the base of Fraxinus excelsior
2. Pileus : Light yellow, soft on the surface, bruising orange. Finely tometose, brodly sessile attachment.
3. Tubes : Fluted,elongated towards the attachment to the tree but otherwise isodiametric round. 4-5 per mm. White measuring 3mm long.
4. Context : Soft, spongy, tan brown. 3cm thick.
5. Spore colour : Not apparent.
6. Spores : Sub globose 8.5 x 7 microns.
7. Smell : Very strong mushroomy.