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A Yorkshire mycologist in Wales

Posted: Sat May 13, 2017 6:35 pm
by Chris Yeates
Noswaith dda bawb
A week or so ago I was privileged to be invited to a friend's birthday celebration. Held over a week in NW Wales; I was there for 3 days. While others walked up Snowdon (and unexpectedly also had to walk down again - no train, too breezy!) I had a mini-foray close to the house where we were staying.

In all I probably spent three and a half hours in the field, mostly in the Coed Pengwern valley near Llan Ffestiniog, part of a NNR. Conditions were extremely dry - the wealth of bryophytes and epiphytic ferns spoke of a site usually kept moist at the very least, they all looked a bit sad. So with said conditions not promising I had to seek out still-damp seepage areas; half the time I spent in an area little more than one or two square metres in extent. It was a superb area notwithstanding, helped by good views of pied flycatcher and the delightful song-flight of a tree pipit . . .

I'm still working through collections but to date I have what appear to be five species new to VC48 (Merioneth):
Peronospora potentillae-sterilis on barren strawberry
Phomopsis crustosa on holly twigs (see Steve's recent thread)
Phomopsis skimmiae on Skimmia japonica
Ramularia pratensis on common sorrel
Ramularia variabilis on foxglove

and two species new to Wales:
Septoria cymbalariae on ivy-leaved toadflax
Unguicularia carestiana on Dryopteris sp.

I have searched all the available databases and assume that these do represent 'firsts'; if anyone knows different please let me know. More anon (with some images hopefully)
Chris :)

Re: A Yorkshire mycologist in Wales

Posted: Tue May 30, 2017 11:37 am
by Steve
Da iawn Chris,
lle hyfryd yw Cymru, jyst fel Swydd Efrog - a llawer o fadarch yno hefyd.
Wales is a lovely place, just like Yorkshire - and plenty of mushrooms there too.
Neis i weld tipyn bach o Gymraeg ar UK Fungi - neu Ffwng y Deyrnas Unedig!
Nice to see a bit of Welsh on UK Fungi!
Sut oedd y tywydd?
How was the weather?
Hwyl fawr,