Recent Finds from Longshaw

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Re: Recent Finds from Longshaw

Post by Steve » Tue Dec 15, 2015 11:12 am

Yes it was a VERY nice find!
My good friend Alan Smith (who finds all kinds of unusual fungi on Wadsley Common to the north of Sheffield) sent me a specimen to check out a good while ago, so I knew exactly what it was as soon as I saw it.
You just have too check out everything don't you?
Brian and I have been surveying a local Wildlife Trust site recently, using 10 metre circular quadrats (sounds odd - but you can have any shape of quadrat) which we examine for absolutely everything. Fungi John and Les taught me how to do this - put your stuff down, even set up a camera table on a rock, and just settle down to seek out the fungi. I got 19 species of macrofungi round a single tree recently - the ground was covered with Sinuous Chanterelle which I would have walked straight past on a guided foray.
I've been through Saddleworth area a couple of times doing the Pennine Way - I bet it's a bit quieter than Longshaw!

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Re: Recent Finds from Longshaw

Post by diggleken » Tue Dec 15, 2015 11:32 am

Saddleworth is always busy, Uppermill is full of tourists these days, even in winter - and Dovestone (DS) is mad on a summer weekend - don't bother............but otherwise, if you know where to go, you can be in the middle of nowhere..........NWFG will be running a foray there next year, in October, around DS. ;)

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