Related fungi species congregating?

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Related fungi species congregating?

Post by Leif » Mon Sep 28, 2015 8:23 pm

On sunday, as mentioned in another thread, I went to a known site of Phellodon niger, and found two spine fungi both with a metre or two of the P. niger site, although P. niger was absent this time.

I know another site in Surrey where within metres of each other I have found Hydnellum concrescens, Hynellum spongiosipes and Sarcodon scabrosus, and possibly another species of spine fungus. And in that same area I found on the same day two species of very rare Lyophyllum, literally a metre apart.

Has anyone else come across this strange phenomenon?

It suggests that many terrestrial spine fungi and perhaps some Lyophyllum have very specific requirements, but once those are met, they thrive. The second site is the edge of a wood, next to a sunken road, and the literature does suggest spine fungi favour banks.

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