Slug looking carpet fungus

Please try to include photos to show all parts of the fungus, eg top, stem, and gills.
Note any smells, and associated trees or plants (eg oak, birch). A spore print can be very useful.
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Jamie Strand
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Slug looking carpet fungus

Post by Jamie Strand » Mon Mar 11, 2019 6:23 pm

:roll: not a fungus buff!
I live in a project boat that can let in a lot of moisture... Sometimes the carpet gets a few mushrooms.this one seems special.

It's rubbery and quite rigid, it was really easy to grab off of where it was growing. Actually it smells quite nice almost fresh and food like. Got me wondering it's edible at all. Probably not! Aha. It's chucked away now tbh carpet mushrooms are a bit depressing to see because that means there are spores about.oh well what to do

The first darker looking angle of it is the underside. The second is the top and the last is the side view

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Lancashire Lad
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Re: Slug looking carpet fungus

Post by Lancashire Lad » Mon Mar 11, 2019 8:10 pm

Hi, and welcome to UK Fungi.

Your fungus is a "cup" fungus, almost certainly one of the Peziza species.

Given the substrate, - (i.e your boat's carpet), I'd be looking at Peziza domiciliana - which, in some regions, does have the common name of "Carpet Cup", although that is not a British Mycological Society "accepted" English/common name within the UK.

PS: We don't discuss edibility of fungi on this forum. - See the forum rules at top of page! ;)

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