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Large white fungus

Posted: Thu Dec 20, 2018 4:48 pm
by NickWood
Help needed identifying a large white fungus.
Cap 10.5cm, gently concave rather than funnel-shaped, smooth, white.
Gills white, adnexed rather than decurrent.
Stem white, approx. 1.5cm wide.
Habitat: Found amongst leaf litter and old fallen branches next to birch and willow.
Spore print white. Spores inamyloid, ellipsoidal, slightly lumpy, 4.7-6.7 x 3.2-4.2µm
Only one found. I don’t like unearthing fruit-bodies if there is only one, so I took a slice of the cap to get a spore sample. Image 2 shows the fungus four days later, very slightly pale brown – but no worse for wear and presumably still doing its job scattering spores.
Any thoughts appreciated... Nick