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Possible Ramaria and a Clavunlinopsis type somethings?

Posted: Sun Jan 05, 2020 7:48 pm
by Algenon
Walking at Bedgebury Pinetum out with some kids geocaching today and a couple of oddities caught my eye. I’ve not posted on a forum for years so I’m sure the protocol will irk, apologies in advance.

Among Cypress leyland , biggest of three clumps was about 10cm across and height. Beautifully rich golden colour throughout. Fronds/branches were way denser than any Clavaria I've ever seen. I didn’t disturb it as it was a family day out and I was in a hurry. Am I mad for thinking this is a Ramaria species?

Further on we encountered this group of club/spindle like fruiting bodies. Directly under spruce specimens. Scattered over an area of about 1mtr square. Fruiting bodies were up to 8cm at their longest.
Any advise/steering greatly appreciated.