Converting a Kyowa microscope for fungi use

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Converting a Kyowa microscope for fungi use

Post by Fungijus » Sat May 11, 2019 6:12 pm

Hi All - Funigijus here, hope everyone is well!

Looking for a bit of advice with a microscopes in general, and specifically with a Kyowa model that I have, that originally came from a metallurgical laboratory.

I have been advised that a Leica DMLS would be an excellent machine to look out for, but these are few and far between - especially with a trinocular head, which I would want / need.

So, in the meantime, whilst I am waiting for one to come up, I am looking into converting my Kyowa machine to add understage lighting and appropriate condenser. The Kyowa scope itself seems to be very well built, and I understand that the optics are said to be good quality - reference a similar model available at Brunel ... atory.html

So, the question is, is this kind of conversion a possibility, and if so, I would need to get some idea of the time / complexity of doing this, and of course the cost. Or, am I wasting my time trying to convert this machine, and I should spend my time instead looking for the Leica?

Many thanks in advance!
Justin (AKA, Fungijus).

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