Excellent microscope on Ebay

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Re: Excellent microscope on Ebay

Post by Chris Yeates » Sun Aug 21, 2016 1:32 pm

Waxcap wrote:
Chris Yeates wrote: Those Leitz objectives would work fine for DIC (at the correct condenser position for the appropriate objective power); they look to be among the ones with correction collars as well, probably better quality than the original Olympus ones . . .
Hi Chris.

Olympus makes different prisms for their own different ranges of lenses. As I said this condenser has prisms designed to work with their SPlan range. They did another NIC condenser for the BH2 (BHS and BHT) where the prisms were removable and they produced a range of individual prisms to work with their own different objectives. There are prisms matched to their DPlan Apo range, for instance.

In the Olympus document here http://www.alanwood.net/downloads/olymp ... ctions.pdf (kindly reproduced by Alan Wood) if you scroll down to VII (4) they have a table of Light Path Selection and a note underneath that says "Any objective other than those mentioned above cannot be used for interference contrast or phase contrast observation".

That doesn't mean that what you said above isn't true - I know that Charles Krebs says he prefers the DIC image when using prisms designed for the Olympus DPlan APO objectives with SPlan APO objectives - but I personally would opt for the safety of the Olympus recommendation (or that of someone like Charles, who has tested many combinations) rather than risk an expensive mistake.

Not specific to differential contrast but another issue with these LB finite objective microscopes is that a lot of the manufacturers had only part optical correction in the objective and the rest was done by the eyepiece, so the objective needs to be the same make as the eyepiece to be sure of the best image quality. Some manufacturers may have used the same corrections so they may match but you have to do your research.

Hi Dave
you clearly know more about these matters than I do, and I'll take your word for it (sorry if that reads as sarcastic - it honestly isn't!). I do know that the seller was extremely helpful to me both before and after I had bought mine (and while I was putting the thing together - opening bubble wrapped packages labelled "Fragile", "Very Fragile" and "Extemely Fragile"!), so I suspect he isn't selling a pup . . . though mine did have all-Nikon lenses with DIC in their name on the appropriate ones.

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Re: Excellent microscope on Ebay

Post by Waxcap » Sun Aug 21, 2016 5:03 pm

Hi Chris,

I've bought from Nick's Science Supplies before and, as you have already said, he's a very trustworthy, knowledgeable and helpful guy. I didn't mean to infer that he was selling something that wouldn't work. I was pointing out that it was a different scope from the other one (which had a full set of SPlan objectives) and that the mixed objectives would be an issue for me - from what I have learnt.
It wouldn't put me off the microscope (at the right price) as SPlan objectives are relatively cheap and easy to come by on Ebay but the Differential Interference Contrast kit for the Olympus is very hard to get and very expensive.

I only know something about it as I have built up a small collection of Olympus scopes and having managed to get the bits for Brightfield, Darkfield and Phase Contrast, I am now trying to source the last part to complete my DIC setup.


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