Fungi on Fungi

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Fungi on Fungi

Post by Chris Yeates » Mon Sep 19, 2016 7:04 pm

I suspect this is very common around ostioles of diatrypaceous fungi like Diatrype stigma / decorticata, Eutypa species etc. It probably occurs in other woody micro-habitats as well but would be far harder to find. Under a x10 lens in decent light you can see a sparkly halo formed by the conidia around the ostioles. I might just bring specimens of the above-named fungi home, keep them damp in a fridge for a week or so and see if this theory is correct. The conidia are formed 'blown out' through holes at the top of the conidiophores (see lower middle image) and then form chains, with the youngest ones forming at the apices ('acropetally').

Anyway here it is (in earlier books like Ellis and Ellis II as Heteroconium tetracoilum)
Lylea tetracoila.jpg
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