Hymenoscyphus menthae

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Hymenoscyphus menthae

Post by Waxcap » Fri Jun 17, 2016 10:44 am


I found a small, stalked disco on a dead herbaceous stem in my garden border yesterday. By its macro appearance I thought it was likely to be Hymenoscyphus repandus but the micro characters didn't fit at all.

The yellow cups were 1-2mm. The stems just under 4mm long, slightly downy and broadening at the base. The asci arose from simple septa and the spores had rounded ends with multiple small guttules, hyaline and aseptate av. 19.7 x 4.1 µm. The paraphyses were filled with small roundish reflective particles.

It fits well with Hymenoscyphus menthae in both macro and micro features and I can't see anything else that it could be from key I used and Hans-Otto's "Helotiales"


Edit: The ID has been agreed by Zotto on Asco France.

Hymenoscyphus menthae
A little dried out but more detail.

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