Synnematous fungus - new species? (STILBACEAE)

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Re: Synnematous fungus - new species? (STILBACEAE)

Post by MaxRum » Sat Nov 12, 2016 5:25 am

That's really useful well done - keep updating and maybe later on, classify the literature for an easier access, like a small post-based library.

In the meantime, I have found a closely (?) related genus for my fungus: HARPOGRAPHIUM Sacc.
Synnemata dark brown, the upper spore-bearing portion capitate to elongate, fibrous, the hyphae with thick stubby tips, conidia hyaline, more or less falcate, 1-celled, saprophytic on bark and wood. ... 26733.html

Still it does not have the complete jizz, (eg falcate conidia) but I think I am getting closer. The feathery sterile mycelia is a good match! I am assuming that the white feathery structures in my specimen (/photos) are the same organism with those myxomycete-like morph with bluish-green heads and yellowish stalks which another assumption is that it is a synnematum. Sometimes I have doubts on the latter because the stipe part consists of developped leathery (hard) tissue made of different tissue from the penicillate head.

How can I know and check which genera are seated losely related to this genus within a clade ?

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