Orbilia sarraziniana

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Orbilia sarraziniana

Post by Chris Yeates » Thu Sep 17, 2015 9:23 pm

Hi all
I'm being a bit lazy here and am pointing to a post on a different forum: http://www.ascofrance.com/forum/37985/o ... rraziniana (click on thumbnails). To be fair it does have some comments from the world expert on the Orbiliales.
I always used to get very confused with Orbilia spp. as because many of them are adapted to drying out (some grow on desert plants) they often do not release loose spores. You have to look at the spores inside the asci (and then often - as in this instance - spot whether 4 are one way up and the other 4 are reversed!).
Not an easy genus, but at least there is expert help on hand from Hans-Otto Baral. And one final point: colour is not generally a useful character in the genus (though there are some exceptions); while the apothecia in this collection were mostly the colour seen here, others varied from pure white to apricot.

I'll post the 'plate' here when I have assembled it.

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