How to box a myxo for storage or sending in the post.

Not technically fungi, but often lumped together with fungi
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How to box a myxo for storage or sending in the post.

Post by Pitufo » Tue Nov 29, 2016 11:16 am

What you need: a matchbox, some card and glue (UHU or similar is best).

A well-dried specimen (warm room temp for a few days is usually sufficient for drying small specimens).

1. Cut a piece of card slightly longer than the match box base and fold the end up slightly, to make a tray which fits snugly in the box.
2. Add a few drops of glue to the centre of the cardboard tray and position the leaf of piece of dried wood in the centre.
3. Place the tray in the matchbox and label with details (date, location, collector, species, etc)

They can be stored in this state for decades if kept free from insects and mould. To send by post, pack inside another container with bubble wrap or similar.

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