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Chris Yeates
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Handy Magnifier

Post by Chris Yeates » Thu Oct 15, 2015 5:41 pm

Hello all
I noticed today that Lidl are currently selling these http://www.rcmf.co.uk/4um/parts-tools-f ... 3224;image for something like a fiver. I use something very like this for holding smaller specimens for photography with the Canon MP E lens (a useful hint from Peter "Ditiola"), but without the lens.
I know many people have compound microscopes, but that the cost of a dissecting microscope as well is prohibitive. This item would be a very useful substitute - for sectioning, removing gills etc. etc. leaving both hands free. I understand the magnification is a useful x5 and for that money you can't go wrong. I'm annoyed I didn't get one myself - I've just realised it would be useful to take on residential forays . . . . "note to self" :idea:

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Re: Handy Magnifier

Post by Leif » Wed Oct 21, 2015 3:33 pm

I picked up one of these a day or two ago, as £5 is peanuts. I don't have a low power magnifier and wanted something to help me when taking samples from a fungus to place on a slide. The unit is very basic, but it is a magnifying glass with stand and LED lighting. The clips are a bit fiddly, and I assume the coil thing is for a soldering iron. As a basic illuminated magnifying glass, it is good value. And I suppose if you wanted to hold a small fungus for photography, it would work. There are similar things on ebay, and on Chinese web sites, but Lidl makes returns easy in case of a fault.

I can also recommend the French peeler for £2, a bargain. And their pickled baby gherkins and nuts are very good indeed.

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