This looks like a very good 'scope deal

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Chris Yeates
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This looks like a very good 'scope deal

Post by Chris Yeates » Fri Mar 23, 2018 10:04 pm

Ignore this post - my mistake, thought it was offering darkfield as an extra, rather than primary use . . .
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Re: This looks like a very good 'scope deal

Post by mollisia » Tue Mar 27, 2018 9:56 am


I would be very cautious about this microscope!

First of all it is a dark field microscope, and I'm not sure wether this is suitable for microscoping fungi at all. All people I know use bright field microscopy (or phase contrast). It is said in the description, that you can use both - dark field and bright field - but in the packing list only a dry dark field condensor is mentioned. You obviousely must buy a bright field condensor additionally ...

Second is, that with this type of dry dark field condensor you can't use the 1000x magnification. Dry condensors only work up to 400x, and you need a cardioid condensor or similar for 1000x magnification
(compare here: ... darkfield/)

Third is, that the seller doesn't specify the numerical aperture of the objectives, so you can't judge on their quality. As this is one of the most imporant things, you can imagine yourself, why the seller does not specify this ..... I'm not convinced that you get the objectives that are shown in the picture, they might serve as "example". You can be certain that the objectives you will recieve are no plain achromates or equivalent good quality.

Fourth: The said magnifications of up to 2000x shows clearly that the seller wants to impress people rather than to convince them by quality. No light microscope can realize a 2000x magnification, because the capabilty of the 100-objektive ends at magnification of 1250x or 1300x (this is the numerical aperture "n.A." written on the objectives).
So the 20x oculaire pair is nearly useless and not worth mentioning at all, as you will never use them. 20x oculaires which give a equaly bright and clear image as 10x oculaires are quite expensive!

So all in all, I would not recommend this mciroscope for mycological purpose. may be you can use it for a purpose where you don't need more that 400x magnification and you deal with translucent things.

edit: By the way, the lengthy praised fantastic feature of a trinocular port which allows simultanous viewing through eye pieces and trino port is by no means something special! Some microscopre have it, some have it not, but I know of several mcroscope models which have the same kind of viewing, e.g. the Olympus CH2 microscopes, of which this AmScope T490B is the plagiarism. I personally sell the Windaus D1p microscope (a Breukhoven model) of which the AmScope model T580B is the plagiarism.

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Re: This looks like a very good 'scope deal

Post by Lancashire Lad » Fri Apr 13, 2018 3:10 pm

Hi all,

Perhaps you had intended highlighting this version of the scope Chris?

This appears to be the exact same scope, but with an Abbe brightfield condenser. - From what I can see, all the lenses (x4, x10, x40, x100oil, objectives), and a pair each of (x10, x20 wide-field eyepieces), etc. etc. are the same as those shown for the darkfield version.

Here's the manufacturer's specification data: - ... scope.html

and a link to AmScope, (via, where it is apparently in stock, for sale at approximately £305.00 (circa £365.00 including UK delivery): - ... B004QEFO1Q

Can't vouch for the quality of the instrument & its optics, but it does look reasonable for the price. - Could well be quite a good trinoc. for someone who doesn't want to spend more. (It has some good reviews at the Amazon page).

I haven't checked, but it can probably be had from elsewhere. - Maybe at an even better price?

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