Buellia griseovirens norstictic success

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Buellia griseovirens norstictic success

Post by Glos lichens » Mon Apr 01, 2019 7:27 pm

Lightbulb moment with Buellia griseovirens and norstictic. I was getting really frustrated - I was sure it was Buellia griseovirens but I couldn’t get the K+ yellow to red reaction. The books say do it under the microscope. Nice section, run K under coverslip, yellow but still no red crystals. Bah!
Finally I’ve had success with a particularly recalcitrant specimen. I took a decent sliver of several mm of thallus, put it on a slide, then put enough K on it to put it in a little puddle without flooding the slide. I did NOT put on a cover slip. Observing over several minutes under a dissecting microscope the red needle crystals started to form in the meniscus round the edge of the specimen. Tah dah!
If you then want to look at them at oil-immersion magnification you may need to manoeuvre the thallus out of the way before you put the coverslip on, otherwise the coverslip can break over the specimen with pressure from the objective.
Buellia griseovirens showing blue-green soredia on white ground
red crystals visible as red sludge at edge of specimen on slide
crystals under oil immersion. micron scale.
specimen on slide in puddle of K. mm scale.

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Re: Buellia griseovirens norstictic success

Post by Chris Johnson » Wed Apr 03, 2019 7:22 am

I admire the perseverance, and thank you for posting.
It would be good to keep the forum ticking over while other lichenologists (at whatever level) get to know of our existance.


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