Glacier Bay NP, Alaska

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Glacier Bay NP, Alaska

Post by AlanFUSA » Mon May 11, 2020 8:06 pm

The latest issue of The Lichenologist, which was published online today, contains a single 120-page article: The lichens and associated fungi of Glacier Bay NP, Alaska. ... test-issue

The article, which is open-access, describes the lichen biota of a region that is not unlike the west coast of Scotland on steroids and is an example of what can be achieved with sufficient funding and international collaboration between field and lab-based lichenologists. It reports a total of over 900 species, 27 of which are newly described, and discusses some species that also occur in the British Isles. It makes one new combination for a lichen that occurs in the UK. Apart from anything else, it’s a great read!

There’s also an associated blog with the main author, Toby Spribille, and myself: ... onal-park/


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Re: Glacier Bay NP, Alaska

Post by Glos lichens » Tue May 12, 2020 9:03 am

It is good to see you have some of my constant companions - the likes of Physcia tenella and Physcia adscendens - in the report, beneath eagle perches. I must keep an eye out for that habitat in Gloucestershire. I did actually have a Bald Eagle in my garden once, escaped from a sanctuary.

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